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Hydraulic Pipe Cleaning Equipment
Product certification :CE
Technical parameter :4kg — 8kg is the normal air pressure
Application area :液压行业 航空航天,工程机械,军工行业,船舶行业


The cleaning host: HJFQX series products can avoid the environmental pollution caused by the chemical cleaning and the waste of water resource caused by water cleaning. The water cleaning is not a thorough cleaning and the overall cleaning effect is not intuitive, the operation is inconvenient, too. At the same time, there will be risidue left when using the chemical cleaning craft. Our craft can solve all these above problems.Compared with the common cleaning method, our cleaning craft have some advantages as fllowing:

Time saving.It can save 90% of the cleaning time compared to the commom cleaning method.

Do not limited by shape of pipe.All of the projectiles can be launched out when cleaning the quarter bends, T connections, catenated pipes, U pipes and the complex serpentine pipes. All the pipes can be cleaned by our craft finally.

Safe operation.The high-speed projectiles and safe and economical compressed air won’t cause any lose for the operators and different kinds of equipments.

Cleaness inspection.It can both clean the pipe and inspect its cleanness.





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