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ENTERPRISE NEWS The fundamental operation of the cleaning host source: Author: Release date:2016-04-14 14:16:07 Click:0

           Firstly,the operation venue should use the dry compressed air as the air resource to connected with the handle,and ensure that the air source are not polluted. Secondly, choose the proper docking disks according to the diameter of the pipes needed to be cleaned. Thirdly, choose the launch tip according to the size of the docking disks, Fourthly, choose the proper projectile and put it into the launche tip.Fifth, press the docking disks tightly and then lock the bayonet.Be attention that people should not pass or stay at the air vent when operating.

           Have a try about the empty gun first, check on whether the air leaks from it. Then look over whether the interior wall of the pipe is connected closely with the launch tip. Ensure that there is only one air intake and one air vent before the operation process. If there are many air intakes, the clients should do some nececssary treatment before operation. The projectiles can be recycled, also you can check on whether it achives the designed effect or conforms to the qualitative requirements.Choose and use the second-cleaning projectiles once again until it can completely reach the required standard.

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