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Firstly.The fundamental profile:

       The cleaning host: HJFQX series products are designed for the need of establishing and founding the branding strategy of our company after introducing foreign advanced technology. We didn't do popularization activities or promotion compaigns for any enterprise, any products or any branding. We mainly sell our own products according to the branding strategy. The matural products are the guarantee of the quality, the honest principles are the foundation of our good faith. That's our promise and tenet for our clients. We also provide the after-sale maintanence service for the clients. 

Secondly.The foundmental principle: 

       The cleaning host: HJFQX series products's working principle is to use the compressed air as the drive power (the air operation: 4KG-8KG), and then launch the cleaning projrctile, the projectiles is a kind of special high molecular compound,which is 10% bigger than the cleaned pipe'd diameter. The consumbles move fastly and make strongly friction with the inner wall of the pipe.It is a kind of new physical cleaning method.

Thirdly.The fundmental founction: 

       The projectiles apply for pipes whose diameters range from 5mm to 350mm (Another size can also be made according to the customers' demand.) The projectiles maily clean the inner wall of the pipes and clean out the float dust, float ash and all the impurities attached on the inner wall. This kind of cleaning craft doesn't pollute the environment or harm the body,which is convenient and fast.The projectiles can run at the speed of over a thousand meters per minute in the pipes.

Fourthly.The fundamental efficiency:

       The cleaning host: HJFQX series products can avoid the environmental pollution caused by the chemical cleaning and the waste of water resource caused by water cleaning. The water cleaning is not a thorough cleaning and the overall cleaning effect is not intuitive, the operation is inconvenient, too. At the same time, there will be risidue left when using the chemical cleaning craft. 

       Our craft can solve all these above problems.Compared with the common cleaning method, our cleaning craft have some advantages as fllowing:

       Time saving.It can save 90% of the cleaning time compared to the commom cleaning method.

       Do not limited by shape of pipe.All of the projectiles can be launched out when cleaning the quarter bends, T connections, catenated pipes, U pipes and the complex serpentine pipes. All the pipes can be cleaned by our craft finally.

        Safe operation.The high-speed projectiles and safe and economical compressed air won't cause any lose for the operators and different kinds of equipments.

       Cleaness inspection.It can both clean the pipe and inspect its cleanness.

Fifth.The fundamental range:

        1. Applied to the engineering machinery and the lifting equipments in the field of machinery manufacturing.

       2. Applied to the condensers,heat exchangers,evaporators in the field of air conditioner and refrigerator. 

       3. Applied to the assembly, maintenance and cleaning of the hydraulic pressure transmission system in the field of aerospace.

       4. Applied to the cleaning, assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting of the hydraulic pressure stents and the hydralic pressure transmission system in the field of coal. 

       5. Applied to the cleaning, assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting of the power transmission system of the fuel pipes in the field of the shipping. 

       6. Applied to the cleaning of the unassembled pipes, the raw materials and the products transmission pipes, the semi-liquid residue in the tortuous pipes and the tortuous valves in the field of food. 

       7. Applied to the hydraulic transmission system of the battleship, the aircraft, the rocket, tank, artillury, fuel pressure transmission system of the engineering transport vehicle and the maintenance and troubleshooting of the gun barrel and the hydraulic pressure systerm in the field of national defense and military.

Sixth.The fundamental operation:  

       1.Firstly,at the operation venue should use the dry compressed air as the air resource to connected with the handle,and ensure that the air source are not polluted. Secondly, choose the proper docking disks according to the diameter of the pipes needed to be cleaned. Thirdly, choose the launch tip according to the size of the docking disks, Fourthly, choose the proper projectile and put it into the launche tip.Fifth, press the docking disks tightly and then lock the bayonet.Be attention that people should not pass or stay at the air vent when operating.

       2. Have a try about the empty gun first, check on whether the air leaks from it. Then look over whether the interior wall of the pipe is connected closely with the launch tip. Ensure that there is only one air intake and one air vent before the operation process. If there are many air intakes, the clients should do some nececssary treatment before operation. The projectiles can be recycled, also you can check on whether it achives the designed effect or conforms to the qualitative requirements.Choose and use the second-cleaning projectiles once again until it can completely reach the required standard.

Senenth.The fundemental maintenanc: 

       1. Ensure the cleanness of the surface of the cleaning hose,correctly place the gun handle; the launcher tip and the projectiles. 

       2. Smearing the petroleum oil on the connection of the gun handle; docking disks and launch tip. 

       3. Put the projectiles half a meter above the floor to avoid moisture. The clients should also keep the  projectiles off the light and seal it hermetically to avoid the discoloration.

About cleaning for the T pipes: you should regard one single-side of the bottom tube as the air intake, and then deal with the one side of the top tupe with necessary tratment, regard the other side as the air vent. When cleaning for the multi-bend or the reducer pipes, choose the projectiles whose diameter are 10% bigger than that of the pipes.When cleaning for the common pipes,choose the projectiles whose diameters are 10% bigger than that of the common pipes.When the projctiles were stuck into the pipes causd by the wrong operationof the operatrs or the multi-bend pipes, the operator should blow the compressed air from anti-direction,until the projectiles launched out.




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